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This is our story out of the July Edition of the AZ Metal Worker.

Introducing a Small, 5-axis Precision Machine Shop, Driven by Technology!
The brainchild of partners Wesley Thomas, Randy Smith and Bao Nguyen

 Tech Five Machining opened just months ago. Though the shop is new,

the 3 owners are all journeyman caliber machinists, and experts in 5-axis machining,

bringing a combined  4 decades of experience in the industry. 

Randy and Wesley began working together at a shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 13 years ago, where they honed their machining skills through under the mentorship of Randy’s father, David Smith.

Years later, opportunities brought Randy, his dad and Wesley to Phoenix. 

Randy spent the next several years working in applications at a machine tool dealer and for a large machine shop in the Valley. When he left the shop, he recommended Wesley as his successor. 

It was at Wesleys’ new employer that he met and worked closely with Bao. 

The team spent considerable time deliberating about opening their own shop, the kind of shop they wanted to work for. They didn’t want it to be just ‘another machine shop in the Valley’, they wanted to create something advanced and different. 

Randy explains, “The name Tech Five Machining’ is intended to describe what our business is all about. We knew we needed to launch the business with 5-axis machining. We also wanted it to be very technologically integrated.” Tech Five Machining utilizes the MTConnect® protocol and the CIMCO MDC suite as their dashboard. MTConnect is an open, royalty-free manufacturing communications protocol that fosters greater interoperability between manufacturing devices and software. The MTConnect standard provides the capability to monitor and then harvest data from the entire production floor: machines, cells, devices, and processes. The company uses ESPRIT for their CAM Software and the entire suite of CIMCO products in order to “connect” the shop.

Wesley says, “As a 5-axis machine shop, our ability to inspect parts is critical. Today we have an ST Comparator and we have on order  a Hexagon Global Image CMM with auto indexing and scanning capabilities, due to arrive in mid-July.”

 “Finding great machinists is a challenge in the industry.” Randy comments, “We plan to utilize automation to every extent possible, maximizing our efficiencies, and allowing us to turn parts around to our customers quicker and with more consistency.”