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Industries We Serve


Image by Chris Leipelt

At our core, we are specialists in manufacturing precision parts specifically designed for a wide range of aircraft. Whether it's an airplane or a helicopter, a Boeing or an Airbus, we are dedicated to crafting the essential components outlined in your blueprint, ensuring the structural integrity and seamless operation of your aircraft.


Image by Parsoa Khorsand

Leveraging the power of our Okuma CNC machines, we proudly produce parts for all branches of the military, supporting the creation of equipment that launches, flies, sails, crawls, and even submerges.


Image by Pedro Forester Da Silva

With our manufacturing capabilities rooted in your specific blueprints, we possess the flexibility to seamlessly expand into various industries. Currently, we excel in serving the medical, robotics, energy, and industrial sectors, delivering precision-engineered solutions tailored to their unique applications and requirements.

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